Quality Setu FAQs

1. What is Quality Setu?

Quality Setu is an initiative of the National Board for Quality Promotion which acts as a centralized information search system for any content across QCI’s Boards, Divisions & Cells. It will quickly guide the user to the information sought and will also serve as a personalized single-point system for end-user interaction with any of the Boards, Divisions & Cells.

2. Which issues and concerns are not taken up on Quality Setu?
  • a. Matters related to RTI
  • b. Matters that are Sub judice or any matter concerning judgment given by any court of law
  • c. Religious matters
  • d. Personal and family disputes
  • e. Any concern that is not related to quality or Quality Council of India
3. What is a complaint/concern?

A complaint or a concern is an expression of dissatisfaction, other than an appeal, by any person or organization about Services and activities performed by QCI and/or its constituent boards and divisions, where a response is expected.

4. Who is a Complainant?

Complainant is any individual/organization/body that is making a complaint.

5. What is an Appeal?

Appeal is a formal written request by an accredited/certified/applicant organization on any services received from QCI for reconsideration of the final outcome of any process or a decision made by QCI or its constituent boards and division on the organization’s accreditation/ certification or application status.

6. Who is an Appellant?

Appellant is an accredited/certified or applicant organization filing an appeal.

7. What is a Feedback?

Feedback is a positive or a negative expression by any person or organization against the services rendered by any organisation. Feedback is not treated as a complaint.

8. How do I lodge the Query/Concern?

The query/concern can be lodged online on the QUALITY SETU website or mobile application.

9. What happens when I lodge a Query/Concern?

The query/concern is acknowledged online and a unique registration number (ticket number) is generated for each query/concern.

10. How do I track my Query/Concern?

It can be tracked on the QUALITY SETU website by using your unique registration number or by the user login.

11. What happens to the Query/Concern? How are the Query/Concern dealt with QCI and its different boards and divisions?

Every Board and Division has designated a nodal officer to address the query/concern. The query/complaint/appeal/feedback is submitted on Quality Setu portal and is redirected to the concerned Nodal officer of each board/division and all confidentiality is fully maintained.

12. What are the contact details of the Nodal Officers of QCI/ QCI BOARDS/ QCI DIVISIONS?

The list is accessible on the website of QCI and that of its boards and divisions.

13. What is the time limit for resolution of a Query/Concern?

Fifteen (15) days. In case of any delay, an interim reply with reasons for delay will be given.

14. Is there any call centre set up by QCI?

A call centre mechanism will be set up soon to resolve issues that the user is facing on the Quality Setu portal.